Our Mission


Families for Houston collaborates with Henry Houston Elementary School to foster a healthy and stimulating learning environment for all children. We also support other local groups committed to strengthening public education. In all of our work, we prioritize and value diversity and inclusivity.  We want Houston to become, and remain, a vibrant, joyful, high-performing school, strongly supported by the community, where all children in Mount Airy have the opportunity to realize their potential.

our Board

caroline pearce

Caroline lives with her husband and two young daughters - future Houston students - in East Mt Airy, and was one of the founding members of Families for Houston. She is passionate about public education, and has long been active, in both personal and professional capacities, in advocacy around education rights and the quality of education. Originally from the UK, Caroline has worked on social justice campaigns around the world, and before arriving in Philadelphia, she was based in South Africa as the director of the Global Campaign for Education. She is excited to be involved in community action to support great education closer to home!

Peter Bryant

Peter and his family are transplants to Philadelphia and are happy to have landed in East Mount Airy.  Peter is an ardent supporter of public education, and both he and his wife Kate are proud products of the public education system.  When not fighting for education, Peter is a litigator at Bochetto and Lentz in Center City Philadelphia.  

Vince Harris

Vince is a native Philadelphian that lives
in East Mt. Airy with his wife and 2 children. Vince is a management consultant within the healthcare industry, and has a passion for education and life-long learning. Vince believes that every child in the city, state, and nation should have access to safe, quality education in their neighborhood, and is excited to be a part of a team that is making a difference. 

CLaire murphy

Claire lives with her husband, Robert, their daughter, Evangeline, and son, Colin (and dog Kodi) in West Mount Airy. They’re originally  from Washington, DC and as proud graduates of DC public schools, Claire and Robert are excited for their children to attend their neighborhood public school, which will strengthen our community and help advance the goal of ensuring all children can have a quality education.  They’ve enjoyed volunteering at Houston over the last few years and are excited for their daughter to start kindergarten next year!