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School Gardens

A Growing Community Effort

The Houston School Gardens provide a beautiful and environmentally friendly setting for the students, staff, and visitors to the school.  Active involvement and direct support from the community is the driving force that has made this ever-expanding effort possible.  The garden along the Rural Lane side of the school serves as both a tranquil gathering place and an outdoor classroom. The garden along the Allen Lane side of the school creates a welcoming sense of entry to the school and is symbolic of a caring community.
In our effort to maintain and grow these gardens and to support the positive impact they make on the school we are working to:


  • Expand the pollinator and native plant garden, by purchasing additional plant materials

  • Provide tree services for existing trees

  • Plant additional trees

  • Improve the outdoor classroom

  • Paint the iron fences and make other improvements to existing infrastructure in the gardens


An Inviting Educational Space

Houston is proud to have an active library that is frequented by students in all grade levels and is regularly staffed by community volunteers.  Not only is the space used for reading, but also tutoring, school-based events, and community events. 

In order to make this space as comfortable and inviting as possible, we are working to:

  • replace the tables and chairs;

  • provide a variety of seating options, such as soft and cozy spaces, for students to choose while reading.


A Community Play Space

The Houston playground serves as an imaginative play space for Houston students as well as many community members.  Due to weather and age, many of the wooden structures are in need up significant upkeep and repair in order for them to remain a safe place for children to play. 

In order to maintain the safety of the playground, we are working to:

  • remove and replace the entrance way arch;

  • replace the "tot lot" area of the playground;

  • reinforce wooden structures throughout the playground;

  • regularly oil and sand wooden structures;

  • regularly replenish wood chips and sand.


A Multi-Purpose Venue

Houston staff and students heavily use the auditorium as a space for daily meetings, special assemblies and student performances. With Houston reviving its music program this year, the auditorium is set to be the venue for student concerts and a school musical in the spring.  


In order to create a venue worthy of Houston students' enthusiasm, we are working to:

  • replace the currently non-functioning sound system & microphones;

  • install acoustic panels and cover the linoleum floor to reduce echoes and background noise and improve sound;

  • repair broken seating;

  • replace the torn stage curtain.

Past Projects

#GivingTuesday 2017

unnamed (1).jpg

On #GivingTuesday 2017, we launched our campaign to create Houston's 'KinderGarden' - a learning and play space for the school's youngest students. This community contributed more $1000 and MANY volunteer hours in order to turn a dingy yard into a fantastic and much-loved space where Kindergarteners have outside lessons, grow plants, and take recess. You can check out more pictures on our facebook page here!

#GivingTuesday 2018

unnamed (2).jpg

On #GivingTuesday 2018, this community raised funds to support teacher-led projects at Houston. The biggest share of funds (as voted for at a community event) went to the outdoor classroom (shown here as a work in progress). It includes "ecobrick" structures built by Houston's 6th graders, community garden plots and student seating used as a learning space by the STEM program and other teachers. 

Donate Today

Whatever your reason for donating and however you choose to make your donation, we are grateful for your support.

Your contribution will support projects throughout the Houston Elementary Community


0.5% of your Amazon purchases can be donated to help Houston Elementary!  


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